Jason W. "Jay" Cleckner, Esq. (Licensed in Maryland and D.C.)


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Mr. Cleckner has practiced nothing but criminal defense, traffic defense and Peace and Protective order law since 2006. This includes criminal bench (judge) and jury trials, expungements in Maryland, sealing arrest records in the District of Columbia, and post-conviction work. He worked for a law firm in Bethesda, Maryland from 2006 until 2008, first as an Associate and then as a Partner. In 2008, he opened Cleckner LLC to better serve the needs of his clients.

Mr. Cleckner has since maintained offices in Rockville and College Park, and continues to serve clients in Washington, DC and Montgomery, Prince George's, Frederick, Howard, Baltimore, Charles, Calvert and Anne Arundel Counties. He has practiced across the entire State of Maryland and is familiar with the judges in all counties, the US District Courts in Greenbelt and Baltimore, and the District of Columbia Superior Court. He is therefore capable of handling your matter no matter what part of the DC region and the entire State of Maryland.


Mr. Cleckner studied law at the Syracuse University College of Law, and received his Juris Doctor in 2005. He focused on criminal law and trial practice. He completed the Criminal trial practice clinic, where he practiced criminal law with fellow students in the Syracuse City Court on a weekly basis.

In his undergraduate work, Mr. Cleckner studied Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis, one of the best Criminology programs in the Country. At UM-St. Louis, he was able to gain an insight into the criminal justice system from the perspective of the police, investigators, probation department and statistical researchers. He has since used these insider tools to help clients succeed with their cases by successfully navigating the complicated world of the justice system.


Mr. Cleckner focuses most of his practice on criminal and jailable traffic defense, which are litigated in the same way as criminal matters, typically in District Court. He has represented clients with crimes as diverse as disorderly conduct, drug crimes, CDS distribution, handgun offenses, malicious destruction of property, theft offenses,burglary, robbery, asault and attempted murder. If you are charged with any citation, misdemeanor, or felony, he can help get you the best possible result, whether at a jury trial, bench trial, in the case of a dismissal, or Stet, or a plea agreement. He also has experience negotiating with the police, State's Attorneys and judges to get the right result. He has always had a great working relationship with the Assistant State's Attorneys in all Maryland counties, Baltimore City, and the Assistant United States Attorneys and Attorneys General that prosecute in the District of Columbia Superior Court.


Whether it's a driving suspended, driving revoked, driving without license, driving an unisured vehicle, hit-and-run, fleeing and eluding or even just a speeding or reckless driving citation, Mr. Cleckner has experience in all types of traffic matters. He can negotiate with prosecutors and police officers, and has extensive experience with handling hundreds of hearings in the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) and DC DMV.


DUI defense can be a complicated matter. From suppressing evidence due to illegal traffic stops, to destroying the SFST (standardized field sobriety test) officers on the witness stand, to cross-examining DRE's (drug recognition experts), to keeping blood, breath and urine tests out of evidence, Mr. Cleckner has done it all. Plus, he has vast experience in representing licensees facing DUI related issues both before and after their Court appearance at the Motor Vehicle Administration (MD) and Department of Motor Vehicles (DC) when license suspension is an issue.


A peace or protective order can have significant impact on your life, freedom of movement, and employment, not to mention have a great effect on a pending criminal case. Mr. Cleckner has successfully defended (and prosecuted) many peace and protective orders.


Maryland has expungement options for many different types of cases Whether it was a probation before judgment, dismissal, stet or not guilty, or one of several other options, Mr. Cleckner has the experience to get your eligible case expunged. And if you aren't eligible for an expungement now, he can help reopen your case with post-conviction tools to try and make you eligible for expungement.


Mr. Cleckner has filed and succeded in many motions to seal arrest record in the DC Superior Court. There are many different options, and it can be a complicated process. Whether you have a simple petition that will be rubber-stamped by a judge or whether you have a complicated issue that requires a hearing, Mr. Cleckner can help win your petition.


Mr. Cleckner has successfully represented clients in post-conviction, habeas corpus and coram nobis petitions. In one case, he was able to successfully reverse a felony guilty plea for a client who was facing severe immigration consequences and who was previously represented by a deficient trial attorney. That client's case was eventually set for trial and the State dismissed all charges. He was also able to obtain a pretrial-release bond and release from custody for a client whose bond was originally set at a constitutionally unfair $125,000 for a 2nd offense DUI.