Criminal Jury Trials

Cleckner LLC Attorneys have years of jury trial experience

We have tried jury cases across Maryland. A jury trial is a complicated process that takes years to perfect. We've been practicing since 2006 and have the experience needed. Call or email today to discuss your case and see if you have a defense!

WHAT' is a jury?

Jury trials are reserved for the most serious cases such as Murder, First-Degree Assault, Robbery, Burglary and the like. But you can also have a jury trial either on appeal or upon praying a jury for charges that carry a minimum of 91 days possible incarceration. This can be an extremely important strategy in many types of cases.


A jury trial should only be conducted by an experienced professional, and conviction can send you to the Division of Correction for many years. Not to mention causing problems with your ability to get a job or otherwise keep a clean criminal record. We'd be happy to discuss your options with you. We handle all facets of criminal and jailable traffic defense, and if we can't answer your questions, we'll do some research or find someone who can answer them.