Criminal Cases

We do nothing but represent clients in criminal and traffic cases, including matters related such as peace and protective orders. You can meet Mr. Cleckner or with one of our attorneys on weeknights until as late as 7:30pm and on Saturdays. And you can call or e-mail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Traffic Cases

We handle all manner of traffic cases from DUI accidents to speeding citations.

Peace/Protective Orders

A Peace or Protective order can damage your record available to potential employers and others. We can help you get the best result from your case, and if we win we can get the record sealed.

Our Services at a Glance

Popular Services

Suspended License

If you have a license issue, we have years of experience dealing with MVA to handle it properly and get your license back as soon as possible

Driving Under the Influence/Driving Impaired

DUI cases present unique challenges and opportunites, and we are experienced in dealing with them, including MVA and DMV hearings, court and jury trials and negotiation with the prosecutors in all Maryland jurisdictions and DC Superior Court

Drug Cases

Whether you're charged with CDS (drug) possession, distribution, or manufacture, we've been there before and have the experience to help.

Domestic Assault

Domestic assault cases come with special challenges. They're one of the only areas the prosecuting agencies handle with a separate, special division. Often, they get special funding to prosecute domestic violence cases. We have handled many of them over the years, and know how to navigate the sometimes complex issues involved.