Driving an Uninsured Vehicle

ARE YOU CHARGED WITH Driving uninsured?

We're here to help. We have successfully handled hundreds upon hundreds of these cases, including multiple-offenders and accident cases. Just because you're charged with Driving Uninsured doesn't mean you don't have options. We have gotten the vast majority of these cases dismissed, because of a very succesful defense technique. Call or email today, your license may depend on it!

WHAT do i have to do?

You should immediately reinstate your insurance and your registration on your vehicle. Do this as soon as possible if you can't do it immediately. Bring this information to your consultation or have it ready for Court. Call Mr. Cleckner for a free consultation and he will answer any questions you have about this process.


We'd be happy to discuss your options with you. We handle all facets of criminal and jailable traffic defense, and if we can't answer your questions, we'll do some research or find someone who can answer them.